Top 10 Cryptocurrency Mobile Apps for 2021

The craze for bitcoin and cryptocurrency is very trending and high. Many big investors are now looking to invest their money in cryptos. But it’s not very simple to trade and invest in bitcoins. Sometimes it involves scams and fraud too. That’s why whenever you are investing or trading with bitcoins, the most important concern will be its safety and security. 

And many people are looking to operate their bitcoins and cryptos with a suitable platform which works on smartphones. Because operating in androids and I -phones are much simpler and easier. At present, there are more than 4 million active wallets of bitcoins and reports say that it will rise to 200 million by 2024. In this article, we will present you some best cryptos apps review so that you can use it in 2021.  

Top Cryptocurrency Mobile Apps

Coin ATM radar  

This bitcoin app will enable you to find the nearest bitcoin ATMs near your areas and locality. Not only can you find a bitcoin ATM on this coin atm radar app, but also can check all the details related to it such as fees and limits. This bitcoin app also has one bitcoin map through which it will guide you to reach the nearest bitcoin ATM. This app updates regularly with new features, directions and nearest ATMs. This app is available for Android as well as iPhones users. 

Trust wallet  

This crypto app will be best if you want to buy bitcoins or other digital assets within no time. The interest earned on your bitcoin will directly be credited on the trust wallet. It’s one app in which you can see your bitcoin collections, arts and NFTs. If you want to do trade or exchange of cryptos, you can do it without leaving the app. On a trusted wallet, your cryptos will be safe and secured from hackers and scammers. You can operate the trust wallet on Apple and Android devices.


Blockfolio is 100% free and the safest, popular buttons and other digital assets application. This platform is trusted by more than 6 million bitcoin investors and traders globally. You can easily track, manage, discover and support all your bitcoin transactions in just a short time. This app is perfect for all android and apple devices. 


The best crypto platform for lending and borrowing bitcoins. Here you can borrow cash from some other investors without lending them your digital assets. Here you can earn interest up to 6.20% on bitcoins. Celsius is a perfect app to run on various apples and android devices. You can also earn a Celsius lending bonus. 


On telegram, you can be adjoined to several cryptos telegrams groups, to invest or trade in bitcoins. You can also get various details of cryptos projects with its cost on cryptos telegram groups. It’s a messaging app, but also a good app for bitcoin investors and traders, and applies to both the devices apple and android.


It’s a cryptocurrency exchange platform which allows exchanging and trading of various cryptos. It is the largest cryptos exchange platform as in 2018. It was launched just a year ago in 2017. You can download the Binance apps from Google play store or apple app store to get started with this app. For those investors who have Bitcoin’s larger in number can also access this app on desktops as well. This app provides an effective and efficient solution to integrate your bitcoin trading. 


It’s a comprehensive and powerful crypto app which has the largest collection of unbiased crypto data, insight, news and tools. On this app, more than 6000+ cryptos can be tracked with 400+ crypto exchange globally. If you want to buy bitcoins on this app, you can do it in a simple and trusted way through industries. You can get all details regarding bitcoin exchange, trade and investment with trusted tutors. 

Brave browser 

It’s a free and open-source bitcoin web browser which is based on a chromium web browser. Through the brave browser, you can exchange or transact your cryptos easily without ads and website trackers. It can be run on smartphones and desktops too. It is supported by five strong search engines. It has 20 million active bitcoin users every month. Whereas 7 million daily active users. 

3 commas 

It is a comprehensive bitcoin trading platform which allows its users to make automated trading bots. Through this, bitcoin investors can create and track top portfolios. You can also, customise your trading strategies for stop loss and take profits commands. This platform is supported by various other bitcoin platforms like Binance, Binance jersey, binance US, by bit and more. It will help investors to lower their risks, limit their exposure to losses and maximize their profits. 


This app is best for getting informed bitcoin investors with the latest and updated news for cryptos. In this app, apart from English, various other languages are also supported. This app also has push notifications like any other apps, through which you can get information as it launched on the app. That’s why it’s a must try the app for once before investing in cryptos. 

So, that’s the best suggestion for cryptos apps of 2021. These apps are all safe and secured for any bitcoin transaction like investing, trading or exchanging. It surpasses the major concern of all bitcoin investors globally. All applications mentioned above are licensed by the government and are free. Bitcoins craze is ongoing and it’s never going backwards, made these apps one of the most trendings and used applications across the world. Just use any of the apps mentioned above for once and enjoy hassle-free bitcoin transactions anywhere and anytime. 

If you have loved its features and working, then try them at least once for a safer and secure bitcoin and cryptos transactions. It can be used by anyone, individual, company, investors and others. Bitcoin apps are handy as they can be used anytime, and anywhere without any big installation of system or administrator. 


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