How to Earn Interest On Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Blockchain technology is one of the best inventions that allow us to make the history of any digital asset transparent as well as unalterable. Due to this, the chances of altering the data is zero and the digital asset can be viewed with full transparency.

With the use of blockchain, the chances of fraud are zero. Blockchain has made it possible for the operation of bitcoin without the need of any central authority. This is one of the reasons why there are no service or transaction fees while transferring bitcoin. Many providers are offering safe and risk-free blockchain applications with a very advanced security system.

How to Earn Interest On Bitcoin.

Celer Network is offering 6.13% APY (ANNUAL PER YIELD) in Bitcoin and 9.65% APY in Ethereum. All you need is to stake your BITCOIN and Ethereum, They are also offering 15.89 APY in USD Coin.

You can check APY rate chart of different currency in celer website.

Celer Network is the modern way to manage assets.


What is Celer Network?

Founded by a group of entrepreneurs, Celer Network is a layer-2 scaling platform that allows its users to build a fast blockchain application that is affordable as well as safe. The creators of Celer Network are PhD holders from MIT, Princeton and other reputed universities with experience from Google, HP and other giant companies.

Celer Network allows internet-scale public blockchains by using off-chain scaling techniques. In a second, it can scale billions of off-chain transactions without any hassle. With its help, the full power of blockchain and other decentralized applications can be unleashed very easily.

Without any doubt, Celer is one of the best virtual currencies that guarantees a high return with very less risk. A lot of people are now preferring Celer currency as it is much safer, faster and has a good market value.

Celer Network is a leading layer-2 scaling platform that uses the most advanced technologies for ensuring a safer, cheaper and risk-free blockchain supply. The most important feature of Celer Network is that it is completely user-friendly allowing users to navigate through easily. Even a newbie can get familiar to Celer in no time.

What is layer-2 scalability and why is Celer Network using it?

Unlike layer-1 scalability, which is nothing but the base blockchain, layer-2 scalability offers a more scalable option on top of the base blockchain. Due to this, the formation of new protocols can be done leaving the base layer alone.

Celer Network has used the layer-2 scalability to execute generalised off-chain smart contracts along with easy payment options. Other layer-2 solution providers are only able to provide easy payment options. Celer Network makes use of two main components in its core:

⦁ cStack: With its help, Celer can build off-chain technology stack on different blockchains.

⦁ cEconomy: It is the crypto-economic mechanism of the Celer Network.

cStack consists of 3 layers which work together to provide the desired results:

⦁ cChannel: cChannel uses state channel and side chains of off-chain scaling platforms. State channel is a two-way communication channel that allows interaction between participants. Normally, these operations occur on the blockchain, but instead, are operating under off-chain. State channels make communication between users easier as well as safe.

⦁ cRoute: cRoute is useful to make sure that the state channel of cChannel runs efficiently. That is why the design of the cRoute plays an important role in the productivity of the state channel. cRoute is the one which takes care of the speed and volume of transactions being flown on the system. Celer Network uses the DBR (Distributed Balanced Routing) to get more speed and transparency during the flow of transactions. DBR plays a significant role in moving a large amount of transaction data safely without any error. All of these operations are Perfect with complete transparency and safety.

⦁ cOS: cOS which is a combination of SDK and runtime system is useful to create better off-chain scalable decentralized applications much faster. It is good to go with a very high level of abstraction which ensures the quality of the off-chain scaling.

Is investing on Celer Network a good idea?

Value of Celer Network (CELR) is RISING continuously . The most amazing thing about CELER is that it hasn’t seen a significant drop in its market value making it a good choice for investment. The rise in the market value is much greater most of the time.

As per the experts and professionals – long term investment in Celer is a much better solution. In the long run, one can get a huge amount of profit by investing in Celer Network. Several websites are also forecasting the value of CELER in the next 100 days, and even in the next 365 days. You can get a rough idea of how much interest you can earn from Celer Network.

Experts have estimated that if you go for a 5-year investment plan, then you are going to get a huge profit. The profit will increase if you go for a longer investment plan. However, one thing is for sure that you are not going to face any kind of loss after the investment. It won’t be wrong to say the Celer Network is a profitable investment with a good interest rate.


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