Top Meme Coin that May Explode 

Cryptocurrency has created a speculative impact on the current situation. The ultimate highs and lows in the different cryptocurrencies rates have earned massive growth and created room for meme coins to take over the market. It is proved to be of great benefit for millions of people. And, many are still trying to join the race to earn good profits. Although, the realm of cryptos and meme coins is extremely volatile and there are great chances where you can lose everything in just a blink of an eye. 

Another aspect of cryptos is that they never stop trading which can be a positive side with a few downfalls. Imagine your investment in the top cryptocurrency token surge to a height only to witness a great fall. And thus, you could suffer great losses. To sum up, to gain huge benefits you have to be willing to take great risks and decide what cryptocurrency can help you surge in the market charts. 

The underlying guide discusses different meme coins that are expected to experience great capital in the forthcoming. 


Dogecoin tops the charts of meme coins that can witness massive growth in the forthcoming. Dogecoin was launched to give a new direction and identity to the meme world. But, it gained massive growth in the crypto markets as it received back-end support from Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. Dogecoin started as a joke but as it received support from different celebrities and supporters, it is no more a joke it’s a serious investment option you can go for! 

Dogecoin started to receive appreciation in the year 2021 and has witnessed a massive growth of 15,000% making it one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in the market. Dogecoin is now the pioneer of cryptos in digital assets. The charts at the time of writing show a decline of 13.46% in the last 24 hours while a decline of 6.07% in the last week. While the market cap of Dogecoin is more than 32 billion making it one of the most growing cryptocurrencies in the market.

Dogecoin’s poor performance is not unusual, as other decentralized applications are currently witnessing the dust. Considering the fundamental aspects, Dogecoin is among the most adopted digital assets which can change the entire calculation of the charts and turn out to be of great benefits. 

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu was launched in August 2020 and has been one of the top buzzes since then. It is self-hailed as the Dogecoin killer as it’s another Dog-themed cryptocurrency that has gained a huge spectrum of investors. Shiba Inu has witnessed enormous growth in the past few months and the stats are expected to notice a raise soon. The whopping increase of 21,000% was witnessed by Shiba Inu in just one week. And this is what makes Shiba Inu a best buy and investing option in the near future.

Noticing the current charts of Shiba Inu the growth in the past 24 hours is 36.63% while that of the past week is 107.11% at the time of writing. The surplus growth observed by Shiba Inu is remarkable and can show more profitable margins in the future. Studying the technical details, Shiba Inu is one of the cryptocurrencies to witness a massive explosion in profits in the near future. 

Another facet that assures the growth of Shiba Inu is backed by the largest exchanges i.e. Coinbase and Binance. Integration of Shiba Inu with these exchange platforms assure more productivity of the cryptocurrency. 


Catecoin was launched as a decentralized meme coin to give a new direction to meme-based platforms. Recently, Catecoin has noticed massive growth and helped investors to take a peek in the investment market. Catecoin is giving strong competition to the rivals Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and creating great havoc in the cryptocurrency markets. Although the results of Catecoin are fluctuating, the growth in each variation is massive and can open gates for great benefits. 

On observing the recent charts, Catecoin has attained a whopping growth of 59.44% in the past 24 hours and when turned on to the weekly charts the overall growth is 526.41%. It indicates if the investor has invested 100$ on the Catecoin the overall growth in the entire week would earn the investor more than 50,000$. The charts of Catecoin are beyond amazing. Although Catecoin is not backed by any celebrity till now the massive progress will soon earn it huge support from investors and other celebrities. 

It further increases the chances of Catecoin exploding in the forthcoming. The token supply of Catecoin is 100 trillion and offers 15% APY as well as usage on meme and gaming platforms. Besides, it offers a 2% earning margin on every transaction increasing the chances of huge returns on each investment.

Shiba Mask 

Shiba Mask is another community-driven added rival to the list of top meme coins. It is a recently launched meme coin that is likely to explode in the forthcoming. It is launched with a motive to create a new place and pace in the realm of cryptocurrencies that can help investors gain the best outcomes as returns on their investments. Shiba Mask has the support of the NFT market and Crypto Wallet where the investor can store and save the investments. 

At the time of the launch, the number of tokens was 1 quadrillion and as the tokens will be bought they will be directly reduced from this amount. It indicates that the entire system has a limited number of tokens which means greater chances to see the spike in the graphs of Shiba Mask. The current highs and lows are unknown but it’s for sure that the Shiba Mask tokens will see massive growth because of the backend support of NFT and Crypto Wallet. 

Baby Dogecoin

A new crypto coin that seeks attention in the market of crypto assets. From the name, it could be got into attention that it is related to the popular Dogecoin.  Also, Baby Dogecoin is creating hype since it was launched. It was launched on 1st June 2021 and witnessed a 1000% spike in just 15 days. The massive growth attracted investors towards itself and by the end of one month of its launch, there were 160,000 token holders of this coin.

Additionally, Baby Dogecoin has attracted investors due to its amazing transaction speed and adorable nature. It is a deflationary coin that awards the investors with more doge coins with each transaction. The facet that makes it stand out from its father is that it has low transaction fees saving big bucks for the investors. At the launch, the number of doge coins was around 420 quadrillions when compared to Bitcoin it’s very low. It has all the features that can make it a huge hit! 


The competition among the different crypto assets might get more fierce in the future. Although all the above-stated meme coins can bring about a new change in the meme world. When it comes to the untimely highs and lows of cryptocurrencies these coins are more likely to witness an all-time high in the future without suffering a downfall. Opt-out your choice of crypto assets and start investing before it’s too late. 

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