What is Catcoin.com? How to Detect Real and Fake project

Blockchain network has become a thriving industry globally with a lot of potential. Experts believe the next generation of the internet, Web 3.0, will be based upon a decentralized network and blockchain. Given that, many entrepreneurial minds worldwide are groping for opportunities in the blockchain world.

Cryptocurrency being one of them, there has been an influx of coins and tokens. Unfortunately, copying others is a part of human tendency, which has been reflected in the crypto world. Several cryptos are different but sound similar. Catcoin is one of them. It has many imitators in the market who are using catcoin  name. Let’s see what Catcoin is and how it is different from other cat theme-based cryptos.

What is Catcoin.com?


Catcoin.com (CATCOIN) is a cat-themed cryptocurrency to put cats up against dogs in the crypto world. It is a digital currency based on Binance Smart Chain and follows peer-to-peer architecture. Catcoin are tokens with a limited supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 (one hundred quadrillions).


It is a deflationary cryptocurrency which means that the total supply decreases with time. Catcoin has lower inflation than other cryptocurrencies. Over time, it becomes more valuable as inflation can eat away at your investment if you do not manage your portfolio well enough. There is high chance that Catcoin.com will become next dogecoin,dogecoin is backed by Elon musk and Elon musk also loves cats, So if elon musk adopt catcoin just like he adopt dogecoin then this project will do 1000x.


Catcoin.com is 20 year old domain and team own this domain for a long time, they also launched catcoin on scrypt algo but recently they moved to binance chain,you can only get real catcoin by going to catcoin.com, You can also check coinmarketcap listing url which is more then 5 year old which also confirm that catcoin.com is the oldest and real project.


How is it different from other cat-themed coins?


Catcoin , when launched a few years back is a coin but now it is a token. So what is the difference between the two?

Basic knowledge of blockchain technology can give you the proper idea on this matter. A token is simply a medium of transferring value in a decentralized platform like a blockchain. Tokens are used for various reasons like an asset, currency, or reward for performing any task over the blockchain. Tokenization has opened new dimensions for thousands of digital ventures and projects to flourish and make their presence felt among investors and masses alike.


And when it comes to Catcoin, it’s a BEP20 token standing in stark contrast to other cat-themed coins that exist today in the crypto space. Catcoin.com is one such project that revolves around a digital asset resembling the characteristics of cats and will be used as an asset within its ecosystem.


What makes Catcoin unique from other cat-themed coins? To find out more about this, let’s dive into how Catcoin differs from other currencies:


First and foremost, unlike other cat-themed currencies out there, Catcoin is entirely community-driven, meaning your voice matters to the project developers! They want the investors/promoters to actively participate in future activities the project may have available in store for them!


Catcoin’s vision isn’t just to bring an alternative form of currency. Still, its developers want to implement an ecosystem that revolves around Catcoin as the primary mode of payment through their marketplace, where goods can be purchased with said coin without hassle! The marketplace won’t only feature goods related to cats but common goods, so they aim for something big here!


Secondly, one thing that sets the Catcoin project apart from others is its DAO governance which means the project functions without intervention from any third party authorities (such as governments), leaving all control over decision-making processes to our community members/investors/promoters, so everyone has an equal say when it comes down to it!


Features of CATcoin 


Catcoin has several features that set it apart from other cryptos.

  • Unlike most other cryptos, 97 percent of catcoin are available for purchase by the public.
  • Three percent of the total supply is reserved for marketing purposes.
  • Catcoin system charges 8 percent on every sell. Out of which, 6 percent is reserved for liquidity. This means that users have a greater chance of purchasing a catcoin.
  • Catcoin can be traded on digital currency exchanges such as Pancakeswap or Coingecko.
  • Catcoin can be stored in a digital wallet where they will remain safe until they’re needed to make purchases or trade on one of the crypto exchanges.


Plans with CatCoin.

CatCoin has started small, but it strives to grow big shortly. Catcoin aim to launch DAO Catdex and much more interesting stuff.


CatCoin is a different kind of cryptocurrency with a lot of potential. On top of being decentralized and supporting private transactions, this currency is also flexible and scalable. As more people learn about CatCoin and how safe it is compared to traditional currency, they’re opting to use this method over others available today.


Please Note – There are many copies of the Catcoin token in the market make sure you visit Catcoin.com to pick the right one.

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