What is yield farming? How does it work? How to earn by farming tokens?

As everyone knows profit-loss is part of the business. Nowadays, people are losing billions in investing but that’s true that they received also. 

Everyone wants to earn but because of high risk and high prices, many people don’t invest in that. For this, there is one solution named digital coins. It is always in trend because the prices of this are multiplied overnight along with this the percent of the risk is quite low from the rest of investing options. That’s true that in crypto you have to bear the amount of loss. But, there is one of the best-earning tokens that promises to give a good amount of returns.


What is it? How can you win Big!

The best earning a fixed or variable interest rate by lending on a DeFi platform is Yield farming. This is a way to make crypto from crypto in short after investing in this you get a huge amount of returns. Yield farming in the DeFi where the farmers compete to get a chance to harvest the best crops. 

In simple words, it means locking up cryptocurrencies and getting a huge amount of rewards.

Yield farming can be better understood by the following illustration!

As you deposit money in the bank, you’re effectively making a loan, for which you get interested in return. In the yield farming case, you have to lend cryptocurrency in return you get fees. Also, the thing is real payoff comes if that coin appreciates rapidly.

How does it work and what is dapps?

According to Ethereum co-founder if Bitcoin is a calculator, strategies with dapps are smartphones, but ones on which automated programs run without a central operating system or server. Many of them make use of the Ethereum blockchain, a digital ledger.

In the compound services, investors get interested along with new Comp coins and other fees. 

Risk factors

  • Losing value – Many people make this mistake they deposit for yield farming are also only a few years old at most, and could potentially lose their value, causing the entire system to crash. 
  • Theft – In the digital market you lend out or receive anything through the software, and hackers seem to always be able to find ways to exploit vulnerabilities in code and make away with funds.
  • Liquidation – Some high yield farming investors may carry the risk of liquidation. 
  • Complex strategies – Forgetting the huge amount of rewards many people use complex strategies. 

Yield farming is so hot right now, why? know the reason below! 

Liquidity mining is once a yield farmer gets a brand new token additionally because the usual comes in the exchange for the farmer’s liquidity. According to some sources – The plan is that stimulating the usage of the platform will increase the worth of the token, thereby making a positive usage loop to draw in users. The yield farming examples higher than square measure solely farming yield off the traditional operations of various platforms; it offers liquidity to Compound or Uniswap and obtains a touch cut of the business that runs over the protocols – terribly vanilla. But Compound proclaimed earlier this year it wished to deconcentrate the merchandise and it wished to grant an honest quantity of possession to the folks that created it would take the shape of the COMP token.

So, Compound proclaimed this four-year amount wherever the protocol would provide out COMP tokens to users, a set quantity a day till it had been gone. These COMP tokens manage the protocol, even as shareholders ultimately manage in public listed firms.

  • As usual in crypto, once entrepreneurs see one thing productive, they imitate it. The balancer was succeeding protocol to begin distributing a governance token, BAL, to liquidity suppliers. Flash loan supplier bZx has proclaimed an idea. Ren, Curve, and Synthetix conjointly teamed up to push a liquidity pool on Curve.
  • It is a good bet several of a lot of well-known DeFi coins can announce some quiet coins which will be mined by providing liquidity.
  • The case to observe here is Uniswap versus Balancer. The balancer will do a similar issue Uniswap will, however most users WHO need to try to do a fast token trade through their case use Uniswap. it’ll be fascinating to envision if Balancer’s BAL token convinces Uniswap’s liquidity suppliers to defect.
  • So far, though, a lot of liquidity has gone into Uniswap since the BAL announcement, in step with its knowledge website. That said, a lot has gone into Balancer.

Appropriate and trustworthy liquidity pools

If you want to invest in this then go for one of the trustworthy and largest liquidity pools in DeFi. 

  • Balancer
  • Uniswap

Both of them offered liquidity providers with fees as a reward for adding their assets into the pool. Those who want their large cryptocurrency holdings can have productive use should try Balancer or Uniswap.

Factors for the perfect farm

  • Risk according to desire
  • The amount of capital
  • Timing
  • Research and experienced 

Let’s get deeper into it

Before yield farming there were synthetix as one of the OG yield farming strategies, users could participate in one of Synthetix’s dozens of incentives to earn a return on capital supplied to various liquidity pools.

One of the first strategies was designed to increase liquidity for sETH on the Uniswap DEX. Traders who added liquidity to the sETH/ETH trading pool and then staked their Uniswap sETH LP tokens —these are tokens that represent deposits on Uniswap— on the Synthetix platform, receive Synthetix’s native token SNX, plus trading fees collected from Uniswap. The strategy was mimicked for many other tokens across different DEXs. 

The platforms are used –

For depositing ETH through Maker open a Vault and receive the DAI. But, while using this stick to the 50-60% ratio.

  • For InstaDapp open a DeFi account on it and deposit DAI
  • Transfer recently or newly deposited DAI to the compound section
  • Then after, Supply DAI directly on the compound.

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