5 Altcoin Wallet to store Multiple Cryptocoins or Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency is taking the popularity very rapidly. Most of the operators invest in these digital currencies and make profits. The cryptocurrency in simple terms is a digital or virtual money which actually exist in a network or server. It is digital money whom you cannot touch. They are not printed and issued by the government or financial institutions. They are generated or mined by cracking the complex mathematical problems. The whole process of cryptocurrency is decentralized and works on the blockchain. Miners mine the blocks and get the coins. They get rewards and transaction fees for doing so. The first cryptocurrency which came into existence in 2009 was Bitcoins.

It was created and used by Satoshi Nakamoto. After this, there were a lot of cryptocurrencies came into the digital world.Now how this works and how the coins are mined is the main question. The cryptocurrency is worked on the blockchain. There are block that are another form of mathematical problems and should be cracked by solving them. For every new coin, the miners’ mine needs to check the previous value, so there is nothing like prediction or assumption.

The coins mined by the miners stored in wallets. Wallets can be a hardware or downloaded webpage which is used to store data and all transaction history of your account. Digital currencies stored in digital wallets rather than the normal or regular wallet. Cryptocurrency wallet is exactly a key to store your coins. These keys are generated by using specific algorithms. The public key is used as an address at which another user send the funds whereas the private key is used to store the funds you have received. Without the private key you cannot retrieve your funds.
There are a different kind of wallets available in the market which are used to secure your keys.

Type of Multiple Cryptocurrency Walletts

There are two types of wallets available in the market.
• Cold Wallet: – It is the wallet in which you need not to active on the internet.
• Hot Wallet: – These wallets need the internet connection and are very comfortable and convenient to use. But they can be hacked by the hackers and cyber-attacks.

Top 5 cryptocurrency wallets are as below.

1. Trezor: It is very old and comfortable wallet. It is sold by the using the tagging Bulletproof Bitcoin Wallet to the users. It is designed to serve as a cryptocurrency wallet so can be called a single purpose device. This wallet retails less than 100 Euro and allows the users to store the coins. The transactions are kept secure in this wallet and it would not reflect the currency either your PC won’t work or vulnerable. It is in-built and easy to operate interface. The persons who have less knowledge of technical things and about the storage of the cryptocurrency can handle it very easily.
2. Ledger Nanos: Ledger Nanos is a hardware to store the cryptocurrencies. It is created to keep the Bitcoins, Ethereum and Altcoins. They are designed by using tough codes to store and maintain your cryptocurrency and the transaction details of your crypto account safe and secure. You can connect it to your personal computer via USB. The OLED display is used in this wallet which let you to double check and confirm your transactions by using a simple tap of the button. These wallets are secure from the hackers and cyber-attacks. Your transactions are stored in a hardware and you need not to online consistently.

3. JAXX: This cryptocurrency wallet is sold by the name of JAXX in the market provides you a protection and security by holding your cryptocurrency transactions and coins. The keys are created on your choice of device. It let you to have full hold on your wallet without giving access to third party. It offers streamline process and no onboarding and verification is done. This wallet has clean and friendly interface which is very easy to operate and work. If you are inexpert and do not have any technical knowledge then this is the best platform for you. You can store your coins very easily and need not to have any training before to know the fi=functionality of this wallet.
4. COPAY: COPAY is well-known and most used wallet in the market. It is an open source and can be downloaded without paying any money. This HD-multisignature wallet is mainly designed for the Bitcoins users. It is a wallet which let you to secure your cryptocurrency transactions and helps you by securing your funds by using multiple signatures. It evade the interference of third party and allows users to have joint accounts or singular accounts. If you have the COPAY with joint account then you need to have the signature of all the parties to get approval of the transaction. This made it more safe and secure.
5. ELECTRUM: Are you looking for the more versatile wallet to store your digital money then this is the best choice? Electrum is the most versatile wallet in the market which holds the encrypted keys. The funds and the coins can only be recovered by using the secret phrase. So no one can crack that very easily as they are encrypted in tough codes. The operator has the choice to export their keys and use them in other digital wallets. This is very popular and highly secure cold wallet because it boasts zero downtime and also permits the users to split between several wallets.


These are the best wallets to store your coins very easily. They are very comfortable and user-friendly. Choose the wallet according to your preference and always make sure about the security it provides. The above-mentioned wallets are very secure and safe. They keep your transactions and coins safe. Cold wallets are for the users who are not very much active on the internet and the hot wallets are for the users who are continuously active on the internet. Both are good for securing the transactions and coins but cold are bit safer as they are free from hacking and cyber-attacks or crimes. So keep safe your money with the amazing

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