How to Find an ETH Address for a specific Coin/token to buy via UniSwap?

Uniswap is now very popular among traders because anyone can easily trade any token and if you know how to use it properly then noone can fool you, Recently one very important question started circulating among new traders that How to find an ETH Address for a specific coin/token to buy via UniSwap?.

Now we will give you two-three easy steps to find real address of any ethereum token.

  • Use Uniswap search box to find token and check liquidity and volume to identify if token is real or not, if token have 0 liquidity or very low liquidity then avoid buying such tokens.
  • Use Dextool service to find token and see metrics, Dextool also provide similar data like uniswap provide.
  • Use Google search to find whether token address is real or fake, a popular coin token address is mention in many places whereas a fake address is available in only few places.

Using this three easy ways you can easily find an ETH Address for a specific coin/token as well as you can easily spot a fake erc-20 address.

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