How to send Bitcoin Cash Offline

Do fears of network disturbances, power failures give you nightmares especially while
making online payments? Do ‘back’ and ‘refresh’ buttons feel awfully tempting when the
payment gateway asks you to specifically not touch any of those? Well, your fear is now
going to be laid to rest with the launch of Be.Cash Offline Bitcoin cash (BCH) transaction
tool. You can now send Bitcoin cash even offline!
On October 13, a software developer Tobias Ruck uploaded a video by the name of “Offline
Wallet on Bitcoin Cash (” on his YouTube channel. In this 10:08 minute-long video,
he gives his viewers a detailed demonstration of how the offline wallet tool works. He
introduces the concept by stating: “A wallet that sender doesn’t have to be online to send a
transaction and if the merchant doesn’t broadcast it then the wallet will still be valid.”
As Ruck gives a step by step guide of how to go about sending the coins offline, one is awed
at the marvel of this technological beauty. We are shown how the customer’s wallet operates
offline, how the payments can be signed offline. The customer gets the merchant’s payment
request and can sign the payment without any network! The payment response would then be
sent to the merchant via a QR code who would scan it, receive it, redeem it, send it to
himself, while the remaining coins in the customer’s wallet would be returned to the
Ruck has placed impressive security around the whole transaction as well. As the entire
process aforementioned is ensured by the smart contract which also he has optimized
meticulously as we discover later in the video. Additionally, he assures the viewers that the
merchant will be able to redeem the coins only once. Setting itself apart from a regular
wallet, the offline wallet tool can facilitate the signing of payment before there’s even any
cash in the wallet.
This online demonstration has had amazing responses from the world over. Cointext CTO
has gone on record to exclaim “If you can get a microprocessor smart card to do this and
interact with a point-of-sale via NFC or chip, you have a billion-dollar company on your
hands.” The responses indicate the magnitude of this invention. 

This offline tool may play an extremely significant role in integrating the world of
cryptocurrency as it now makes possible for those states to deal in bitcoin who have so far
been left out. As not all corners of the world have internet connectivity or have a snail-speed
connectivity, this tool can play a major role in realizing fluidity of the electronic currency
across the world. Like the internet connected the globe, this tool manifests how a lack of the
internet can also lead to inclusiveness.

This YouTube video potentially brings a mammoth change in the experience of our
interaction with the internet. Our dependency on the internet across all our aspects of life has
become crucially absolute. has opened infinite possibilities to what can be achieved
beyond the net. Seemingly, if something so depended on the world wide web can be
successfully achieved with no connection to your Wi-Fi, one can not help but wonder what
the future holds.

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