Popular Telegram Chat Bots for Cryptocurrency

Telegram messenger is spreading its kingdom all over the technical giants. Telegram already traded a grade mark of using telegram as a wallet to cryptocurrency coin. Now in telegram, we can use chatbots to know the updates of cryptocurrency markets.
Here the list of five chatbots from telegram messenger to know the regular updates that take place in cryptocurrency market.

How to create Telegram Bots?

In one word @Botfather is the ruler for all bots under Telegram Crypto Currency Bot. By using Botfather we can create new bot accounts or can manage existing accounts. It is very easy to contact Botfather if you have Telegram just send a message. You will be connected to Botfather. Here some list to copy for @Botfather was placed below.

Sat – Converts a given Satoshi or BTC amount to Ether.
Eth – Converts a given Ethereum amount to Bitcoin.
Coin – Shows the current price of one given cryptocurrency.
Top – Shows the current top cryptocurrency based on their market cap.
Github – Displays a link to the GitHub Repository.
Coinflip – Flips a coin.
Help – Sends a link to the command list.

Spam Info Bot

SpamBot is the official Spam Info Bot by Telegram.It Helps users with limited accounts regain the full functionality. If your account is locked then you can use this bot to unlock your account visit SpamBot

User Verification/ Scam Protection Bot

Cryptomaa is a Free telegram bot which verify all your new telegram users using captcha, you can add this telegarm bot (https://t.me/cryptomaabot) in your group and give admin message permission and rest work will be done by bot. Bot will aso removed recent joined message from Group.

Combot to Manage Telegram

Combot is the most advanced community management tool for Telegram. Features include but not limited to analytics, moderation, spam protection, triggers, levels & XP system, report system, and reputation system

DigiBot Telegram ChatBot

It feeds the market data from Poloniex, Bittrex, and Bitfinex. There are many features are available in this chatbot such as advanced market data, coin supply, network hash rates etc. Different commands in DigiByte will make you know different conditions in the market. /bookchart the command shows the order book of the selected currency.

With the help of /fib command, we can have the 24 Fibonacci levels of the selected currency. /dgbinfo command will help to view the list of relevant DigiByte links. This chatbot also added a block explorer to know the transactions IDs and address on the Blockchain. You can add the chatbot directly by adding @digubot in your Telegram app.

Zup Coin Telegram Bot

Zup Coin is also one of the chatbots of Telegram messenger. We can have the details of real-time cryptocurrency prices and alerts. With the help of Zup coin, we can know the changes in prices of currency. We can get alerts on cryptocurrency if any new things arrive.
This bot will help you to know the price of any currency in terms of another coin on an exchange. Some of the supported exchanges are Bit2C BitBay, Bitfinex, bitFlyer, bitFlyer etc.

Crypto Agent Bot Telegram Bot

Crypto Agent Bot will help you to get the best information about cryptocurrency market. With the help of CAB bot, we can trace the latest information of crypto market. This chatbot cooperates with two major exchange websites Bittrex and Poloniex.
We can guide by their recommendations on tips and signals when we have to enter and to exit in the market. By this, we can know how to buy and how to change into profit. A reminder will be attested to the bot. They will give the best assistance in creating an investment portfolio.

Bitcoin Price Telegram Bot

Bitcoin Price Bot is also one of the chatbots of the telegram. We can use this chatbot to know the prices of different bitcoins and altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. It is very easy to use this chatbot to know the prices of currency.
To know the price of the currency just write @Bitcoin_Price_bot in any chat and choose a ticker than you will have the price of the currency. You have to select a price for an exchange if u want to exchange. The tags of the chatbot are bitcoin, altcoin, exchanges, and price.

Coin Dips Telegram Bot

This Coin Dip bot will help a lot in when we have to invest in the crypto market. Coin Dip is an AI Chatbot of Telegram. With the help of this bot, we can easily understand how to buy and sell. It gives the signal low price to buy and high price to sell. This makes us easy to get profit. The main functionality of this bot giving alerts to prices of currency. When have to buy or sell in the cryptomarket. The chatbot is adding some more functions to it but this new functions will release in Alpha v1.

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