Tips to make your ICO /STO successful

There is some golden rule of ICO which make Token popular, you must follow these rules in order to make your project successful otherwise trader will not find that ico successful even when your project has a unique idea.

Don’t release tokens until a day before your main exchange listing

If you do it earlier, rogue exchanges and Dex’s WILL start a secondary market and completely collapse your token price with panic selling. Seen this twice in the last month. Both ICOs crushed.

Consider delaying your listing

There is no rush. The same community members giving you hell to launch asap will be the biggest complainers when your token is down 75%. They will also be the ones holding the smallest amount of tokens. In fact, I like the idea of waiting until your MVP is ready to launch on an exchange.

ICO Marketing

Marketing is everything, If you want to make your business popular then you need to plan everything and in this exchanges can help you a lot. Work with exchanges to develop a well-planned marketing strategy for the listing. Win-win for everyone.

Private Investors

Everyone wants to generate a profit so some private investors start selling just after listing in exchanges, So you need to work with them in such a way that they don’t your coins immediately just after exchange listing.
If they are insistent on selling immediately, open up a dialogue around an OTC solution or buyback. Work with them. If you leave them to run wild they will do just that 30 seconds after listing.

Airdrops and bounties

My guess is if you gave a 3 question high-level quiz to bounty and airdrop participants, 99% would fail because they literally have no clue what your project is pick your airdrop users based on questionnaire so that they also know about your business.

ICO ratings

ICO rating get the attention of investors especially those who buy tokens based on rating, Try to explain your product in such a way that you get a rating from different people

ICO Advisor

Advisor plays a vital role in bringing a lot of investment If any advisor agrees to join your business who is already advisor of a reputed business then that will help ICO Founder to get a lot of investment, so be careful while picking your advisor.

Strong ICO Team

Disclose your team details along with LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook Profile so that investor can check the background of a team before putting money in your business.

Total Supply Information

Share total supply and circulating supply information with investors, Many ICO doesn’t disclose total supply details and this creates confusion among investors and then they decided to wait until that is not cleared by ico team.


Partnership with top brands can win the trust of investors and it will bring sales, Investors are worried about scams so if you involve big names then they will trust your business. Partnering big exchanges also play a vital role in winning the trust of your Investors.

Apart from all the above points, there are some more things like attractive whitepaper and website that explain everything about your business and team and how you are communicating with your investors are more important.

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