Top 20 Bitcoin Exchanges to Buy/Sell Any Cryptocurrency

In the world of digitalization and modernization, now currency can be cybernetic and is programmed. Seeing today’s scenario transaction can be differentiated into two methods: one is traditional mode transaction other is the modern form of transaction. Transaction, issue or
withdrawal of money from a bank, ATM machines are usually referred to as the traditional transaction. The transaction done via digital mode is called as a Modern form of transaction. Below mentioned are a top cryptocurrency exchange which is needed to be kept in mind before buying or selling the cryptocurrency.

1.    Binance– Binance has the coding of a multilingual approach. It is renowned for its liquidity (high).Binance does not demand the deposit fees and the trading fees are on an around 0.1 percent. It promises the customer one-stop exchange with all types of security and ensures rigid compliance. Bithumb- Bithumb is regarded as one of the expandable platforms of South Korea. It allows the exchange of cryptocurrency
like Bitcoin etc. It provides additional services as well as discount, coupons and gift vouchers. It has made a compulsion that each and every user should verify their account with the proper mandate.

2. HitBTC– It supports both fiat and cryptocurrency exchange. SWIFT & SEPA is the deposits methods in HitBTC. It does give a user of offline sync and storage. It is well known for its authentication and smooth use with proper security.

3. Huobi.Pro– Huobi.Pro is another cryptocurrency exchange market which deals with approximately more than 190 cryptocurrency pairs with the worldwide exchange of cryptocurrency with the trading fee of 0.2 percentages. They provide fee discounts for the premium customer.

4. Kraken– It was the first exchange platform who showcased the volume and price of the trading on the Bloomberg constraint. They focus mainly on Bitcoin trading or buying or selling of Bitcoin.

5. Okex– Okex is one of the leading global digital currency exchanges of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. It allows the user to facilitate the trading in between the tokens. Okex platform has introduced a cold-wallet to keep the money or the exchange value safe. It includes monthly, weekly constraint and provides monthly leverage up to 20 x.

6. Bittrex– It carries the exchange of both Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies with the trading fee of 0.24 percent and the deposits are done only through wire transfer or cryptocurrency method.

7. Upbit– It is one of the most renowned exchanges with respect to the average trading on a daily basis. There is no cost involved in deposits while withdrawal and transaction fees vary from time to time. They support more than 100 cryptocurrencies. Seeing the other side of the story, the platform doesn’t provide margin with respect to trading.

8. BitFinex-It is too a cryptocurrency exchange platform: is its parent company. The interface is designed according to the appropriate needs and personalization of the user. They provide different order types like limit(to sell or buy at specific price), One cancel other(If the user place an order and it is partially done, then the next order is cancelled by default) and other orders like only the customizable price is shown and the rest of the price is hidden.

9. Kucoin– Kucoin is operated worldwide and has users with multi-languages so they have designed their system according to the user’s need. The trading fee, deposit fee, 0.1%, free respectively and the withdrawal fees vary from the market price. Though it is operated worldwide there are certain places where Kucoin cannot be operated.

10. Poloniex– Poloniex is an exchange platform for buying and selling of cryptocurrency like Litecoin, bitcoin etc. The trading constraints are present in the advanced form. It has the activation of storage i.e. cold storage and Poloniex monitors all the activities on the exchange platform 24 hours: to reduce frauds and fraudulent.

11.– supports exchange with respect to Qtum; Ethereum etc. It has minimal withdrawal fees and trading fees up to 0.02 per cent.
12. Btc Turk-Btc Turk is a turkey based platform for buying and selling of cryptocurrency which enables two stages of verification and has Segwit enabled features. The movement of accounts, knowing of the market, understanding the orders etc can be known from its API. It allows the user to access the wallet with offline sync.

13. Bibox– Bibox is an encrypted design exchange platform. The fees for taker, the maker is 0.10 percent and 0.0 percent respectively and allows BIX trading. The payments method is BTC, USDT and DAI and operates margin trading.

14. Livecoin– It is an exchange platform based in the global country London which includes trading fee ranging from 0.02 to 0.18 percentages. The deposit fees for payer, payee, and capitalist are 5 percent (USD), 0, and 0 respectively.
15. Cryptopia-It is an exchange platform of 400+ currencies. The trading fee starts from 0.25 percentages. Cryptopia doesn’t deal with fiat deposits. This platform operates all over the world with the transfer limits.

16. Coinexchange-The first and foremost priority of Coinexchange is a support to the customers and enhance security with offline sync related to transactions, withdrawal and deposits. It includes niche –currencies as well.

17. STEX- STEX is one such platform which provides automated liquidity constraints with one trading option and A2A technology. It has facilitation like Bitbon, ETERBASE etc with an upcoming service of free cash.

18. Indodax– Indodax is an Indonesia based exchange and provides service all over the world. It has no margin with respect
to trading. The withdrawal can be done with the help of BitBayar, VIP.Bitcoin

19. IDEX-It is an exchange platform for Ethereum tokens. The exchange does provide rewards during the process of trading. It provides end to end security and support to the customer with a reasonable trading fee.



Cryptocurrency is basically online based coin forms which are present in terms of codes. This
can be used for different purposes. But understanding the exact value of the currency, right place
and right mode of transaction is utmost important.

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