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Crypto and Blockchain is evolving very fast and many new people and projects are coming in this field,I’m now listing out the top people who found the top cryptocurrencies which certainly did wonders in this modern era.

  • Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoin founder
  • Vitalik Buterin – Ethereum founder
  • Changpeng Zhao – CEO of Binance
  • Craig Wright – Bitcoin SV creator
  • Roger Ver – Founder of Bitcoin cash
  • Erik Voorhees – CEO of shapeshift
  • John McAfee – Founder of McAfee
  • Jihan Wu – Co-founder of Bitmain
  • Charlie Lee – Creator of Litecoin
  • Brian Armstrong – CEO of coinbase

Top 10 cryptocurrency celebrities

Satoshi Nakamoto : Bitcoin Founder

Nakamoto is the mastermind behind Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the birth of cryptocurrency. He introduced a peer-to-peer network without central regulatory authority. Nakamoto claims to begin writing the Bitcoin code in 2007 with the white paper published the following year. Later Satoshi created the website as a way to educate the general public about Bitcoin and to collaborate with other developers. In December 2009 Nakamoto step down from and left a man named Gavin Andresen in charge of developer operations. In the following year the first Bitcoin transaction was recorded. It was between Nakamoto and Hal Finney. Bitcoin topped the list of the top cryptocurrencies in the world since it’s birth.

Vitalik Buterin :Ethereum Founder

Vitalik Buterin was born on 31st January 1994 in Moscow. When he was only 24 years old, he has already grown an international reputation for his accomplishments. He is the co-founder of ethereum. Buterin’s genius was recognized as early as the third grade. His father was a computer programmer. Originally Vitalik was placed in the provincial school system and was underwhelmed by education. Ethereum was introduced in 2015. Vitalik buterin’s brainchild went live in July 2015. This project had been made possible by crowdfunding throughout 2013 and 2014. When ethereum was introduced, each piece of currency was worth about fifteen dollars. The project was started slowly and away from the attention of mainstream media. In 2017, the benefits of using ethereum became widely shared with the general public.

Changpeng Zhao :Person Behind BINANCE Exchange

Changpeng Zhao is the mastermind behind Binance. He used to flip burgers at McDonald’s and work at nights at the gas station before he founded Binance. After the graduation from McGill University in Montreal, he worked at Bloomberg trade book and at the Tokyo stock exchange as a software developer. He later sold his apartment in Shanghai for $1 million and used that money for Bitcoin. Then he began his cryptocurrency journey with and He left OKCoin and launched binance which became the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in just under a year.


Craig Wright is the creator of Bitcoin SV. Craig Wright was born in October 1970 in Brisbane, Australia. He is a computer scientist and as well as a businessman. He was a researcher at Charles Sturt University. Wright worked in various companies like OzEmail, K-Mart as well as a security consultant for Mahindra. He was the information system manager for the accounting firm BDO Kendalls. He was also the CEO of the technology firm Hotwire PE.


Roger Ver is the genius behind Bitcoin cash. Roger Ver was pleaded guilty of selling explosive without a license. He bought exclusive devices from a supplier in South Carolina and sold them on eBay as pest Control report 2000. Roger was born and raised in California. Early on in his life, Roger had the brains of an entrepreneur. Roger first heard about Bitcoin in the podcast and immediately became interested. His first investment was to Charlie Shrem’s Bitinstant for $25,000. In that same year, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed and made Roger a Bitcoin Millionaire.


Erik Voorhees is the founder and creator of ShapeShift, a popular Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange. He was also a director of Marketing at Bitinstant. He was also involved in the development of KryptoKit. Erik was originally from Colorado. He becomes a participant in the Free State Project. He was graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2007. He was also the founder and former CEO of Coinapault. He shows a great desire for improving the financial system. Nonetheless, he has achieved a lot in his life by being the mastermind behind the Shapeshift, a popular crypto exchange.

John McAfee :

John McAfee was born on September 18th 1945 in England. He is the founder of McAfee Associates. He has both British and American citizenship since birth. He graduated from Roanoke College in 1967 with a degree in mathematics. Before founding McAfee associates in 1987, he worked with NASA, Xerox, Lockheed and other companies. John created the first cybersecurity company and by the end of the 80s McAfee associates was a multi-million dollar company. The business only got more successful as the threat of computer viruses increased. In 1994, he resigned from the company and two years later sold his shares for close to 100 million dollars.


Jihan Wu is the founder of Bitmain. Wu started his career as a financial analyst and a private equity fund manager. Jihan has a degree in economics and psychology from Peking University in China. Wu is one of the first people to actually translate the white paper into Chinese for the low domestic market in China. He is the first person to translate Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper into Chinese. He founded, one of the most popular bitcoin news sites in China. Jihan build Bitmain with tech expert, Micree Zhan. McAfee Associates is China’s largest cryptocurrency mining-chip company with a revenue of $2.5 billion in 2017.

Charlie Lee : Litecoin Founder/strong>

Charlie Lee is the mastermind behind creation of Litecoins. Litecoin is one of the largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. Litecoin is giving a huge competition to Bitcoin recently. Charlie Lee was born in the West African country at ivory coast. Lee’s father was among the wave of first chinese origin people to settle in the country. Lee went on to follow his father’s footsteps and enrolled as a grad student pursuing computer science at MIT. He went on to pursue his master’s at MIT as well in 2000. He spent most of the next few years working for few of the world’s top software companies. While Lee worked on several projects such as Youtube and Chrome OS during his tenure at Google, he came upon an article on the Bitcoin and the infamous Silk Road. As least curiosity of the cryptocurrency space grew the soon-to-be creator of Litecoin also experimented with mining soon like many early adopters of Bitcoin. He was also experimenting with creating a digital token of his own and he went on to succeed in this regard.

Brian Armstrong : Coinbase CEO

Brian Armstrong is the CEO of coinbase. Coinbase is one of the largest and popular cryptocurrency trading platforms. Brain Armstrong used to work in his neighbour’s garage designing websites for small- scale businesses while he was in high school. He double-majored in computer science and Economics at the Rice University in Houston. While at Rice, Brian worked as an intern team lead at IBM where he develop Java based tools for network attached storage devices. In 2007 Brian wrote a book that aims to encourage trade, to follow their dreams and successfully transition into self-employment. Bitcoin captivated brian’s interest during Christmas 2009 while browsing the internet at his parent’s house. After graduation his Bitcoin fascination was filled even more by spending a year in Argentina where he witness the effects of hyperinflation to the country’s economic status. Later Brian worked at Deloitte as an enterprise risk management consultant and as a Software Engineer at Airbnb. When he left Airbnb, he started working with Fred Ehrsam on coinbase which is today’s leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange valued at $8 billion.

The cryptocurrency founders have earned name and fame throughout the world by being the masterminds behind finding cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are being considered as the need of the hour in this modern era.

Do you have anybody to add? Who is your favorite one and why?

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