What is Robonomics? How will it help in shaping smart cities?

So what does the smart city look like? As per the definition, the smart city means the involvement of communication and information technologies and the IoT for managing the city and its environment. And this is why Airalab shows the giant that includes a multi-agent network of automatic systems or robots which is known as cyber-physical systems – it continues processing terabytes of data.

What is Robonomics?

Robonomics experience is the big milestone on the way to the production of the unified platform that is a cyber-physical system that will finally make the ideas of XX century philosophers and engineers come true.

The Russian developers have the unprecedented potential to integrate all the elements of Industry 4.0 and decentralized autonomous firms into smart cities of the world.

For better understanding this thought, just imagine! 

  • Someone orders the personalized product which is created via 3D printing from the nearest smart factory through any application.
  • And immediately the request processing service send it to the factory’s internal network and the 3D printers or production lines start to complete for the chance to know the product, completely depending on the performance indicators, work time, material availability, etc.
  • It is known as the best way to complete the order.
  • After production, the product comes at the automatic warehouse that requests the goods delivery to the logistic services automatically.
  • The logistics service which receives the order sends unmanned vehicles or drones to the storeroom and informs the clients about the new delivery.
  • And at the same time, the shipping requests information or data from the traffic optimization system on the best delivery route.
  • After the completion of the order, all the agents of participation accumulate information on the work that is performed to make the analysis of the work effectively and forecast the future state of the market.

For instance – the raw materials purchasing services can decide that once the demand for such products has raised, then more raw materials must be bought for the future. The logistic services will know that in the area around the factory – it is more profitable to deliver cargo by drones. It is the magic of the smart city that is automated pragmatism.

Explore another example too!

Another example of this smart workflow in city operation today is in public protection along with monitoring the environment and also history of products.

Cities sometimes don’t work so well, even bins don’t get collected. Sometimes traffic queues are so long. Shops run out of stock. So the Russian team behind Airalab thinks that Artificial intelligence can be helpful to streamline cities and their economy. We will see all new technology inventions one by one in detail below.

Their platform named Robonomics is mediated by the blockchain – Ethereum which has the goal to make it easy to bring intelligent automated technology into the economy.

Do you know about Airalab and its aims?

Airalab was produced around the project AIRA that is Autonomous Intelligent Robot Agent. 

  • It is the framework for having two sides. 
  • One is the marketplace for the robotic services with smart contracts for such services via ethereum blockchain as well as the second provides maintenance which includes the driver updates to service the robot provided via the marketplace.
  • By using this existing decentralized technologies, the AIRA project has built the bridge between economics and robotics. 
  • The main aim of this project is to offer the secured protocol for communication for millions of IoT gadgets and more roles for the robots in the marketplace.
  • AIRA has concentrated on projects such as machines to machine payments, smart factories, robots as the service, autonomous sensors networks, completely automated supply chains which enable users to quickly produce a minimum viable product.
  • Decentralized communication enables global channels and addressing for industrial application.

Sci-fi dreams are now becoming a reality that is leading Russian developers who are testing their achievements in sensor networks, industry 4.0, mobile robotics, united and governed by a decentralized network.

One more new technology – Mesh network 

Mesh network is the distributed cellular network where every node is equal. This technology marks the new platform in the wireless networks development making participants of the network independent from the centralized providers. 

  • Nowadays engineers’ goal is on the ethereum protocol and Robonomics platform in the single decentralized network. These are aimed at the maintenance of cyber-physical systems of smart cities.
  • Cyber-physical systems are produced for ceaseless and consolidation governance of physical production processes. Also other systems that work as an integral part of smart cities in real-time. For example such as energy, water supply, intellectual transport systems. 
  • Such systems are the basic part of the digital economy.
  • Few attempts to inbuilt cities and even entire economics into the unified cyber-physical system which has been made.

Now Airalab is the leading Russian developer following the Soviet engineering traditions and heritage.

Air drones

Air drones are equipped with the sensors sets acting like the automatic system for dynamic monitoring. 

It can receive information about area need monitoring. The drone secures the smart contract with decentralized ethereum platform Robonomics as well as plans its path accordingly. After the mission, the air drone automatically transmits the hash file in the interplanetary file system network which contains all requested data.

It can be applied – 

  • To check out forest fires
  • Detect and prevent illegal actions and protected threats
  • To evaluate the concentration of greenhouse gases along with other pollutants.
  • Inspect and check out the condition of the solar panels with thermal cameras.

Air drones offer – 

  • Smart and cost-effective technology.
  • Enables local authorities to produce an efficient instrument for reduction and prevention of firm harm and unauthorized dumps
  • Able to perform methane emissions monitoring and calculate deterioration or progress in air quality.

Aquatic drones

The main aim of aquatic drone which was tested during the summer school is to transmit and collect information on the water condition in small reservoirs and rivers. It is equipped with sensors that measure the concentration of agents containing nitrogen, oxygen, turbidity, as well as water temperature.

  • Aquatic drones provide – 
  • The solution to the key task of water pollution monitoring
  • Ensures budget economy.
  • Accuracy of monitoring and security of important data related to water resources state.
  • Identification of pollutants.

3D printer factory

3D printer connects to the decentralized Robonomics network. It is the autonomous agent that prints particular models as per the smart contracts concluded with the client. And then automatically provides the order delivery.

  • The printer during Robonomics is the part of continuous efforts of developers for designing the autonomous logistics and production network under the concept of industry 4.0. 
  • This system can be upgraded to a completely new level of autonomy which will not need human participation.
  • The 3D printer in a decentralized network can print primitive schemes, LEDs, transistors, and prostheses.
  • It enables the creation of automated decentralized logistics and production complex.
  • Provides the key for bringing the industry 4.0 concept to life.


The smart city building during Robonomics is unique. The case which shows how blockchain-based technologies can be useful in this real-time world. It is to implement such necessary tasks as environment production and monitoring. These technologies facilitate UN sustainable development goals regarding sustainable development and helpful saving local governments budgets. 

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