Who is Niklas Nikolajsen and How much Bitcoin he Owned?

Niklas Nikolajsen, heard the name? Many of you know him – who is he? But if not, then Let us aware you – Niklas Nikolajsen was born in the year 1975 who is the early adapter, FinTech entrepreneur and investor in the sector of cryptocurrencies and crypto finance that is bitcoin. As the Danish citizen, He has been the swiss resident since the year 2011. He has completed his computer science graduation from Copenhagen, Denmark. He also has worked as the software architect and developer as a profession from 1998 to 2012 in his later on years of career in the sector of finance.

In the year 2013, Niklas co-founded BitcoinSuisse AG who is the 2016 leading broker, financial service provider, asset manager in the field sector of crypto finance. This firm is known as the first bitcoin financial service provider to offer services to the public entity.

In the year 2014, he also co-founded the digital finance compliance firm and joined its board by promoting the concept of crypto valley based on Zug. He started working towards the friendly swiss regulatory framework for digital finance with FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Authority).

Since the year 2010, he has been the outspoken proponent of the crypto coin – bitcoin and blockchain technology especially in Switzerland. In the year 2016, Niklas Nikolajsen named the top 100 influential Swiss bankers by the swiss financial magazine Bilanz. Niklas has 15 years of background career as a software developer in the manufacturing, public sectors, and the financial sector.

In the year 2010 after the discovery of bitcoin, he became the early adopter, a proponent of crypto assets, and investor. In the year 2011, he shifted from Denmark to Switzerland and worked for the big financial institution of Swiss as the consultant unless and until he found Bitcoin Suisse AG with his partners. He served as the CEO of the firm until the end of the year 2017.

And the most important success he got was after he founder Bitcoin Suisse AG in the mid-year 2013. Today he is the chairman of the board and apart from chairman role, he is also responsible for the key accounts, business development, investor relations, and company representation.

Niklas Nikolajsen has the graduation degree of Computer Science from the Copenhagen business school who is regarded as the pioneers of the Swiss crypto-financial sector who founded the first swiss firm in this space.

And now Bitcoin Suisse predicts the outlook of 2020 future. Do you want to know what is the saying of the early investor, adopter of bitcoin? The saying goes like way – there will be two big events going to occur in 2020!

How much Bitcoin Niklas Nikolajsen Have

Niklas Nikolajsen bought 1000 bitcoin when the price of bitcoin was 0.50 USD that means he purchased 1000 bitcoin for 500 USD. And in his life career, the balance of bitcoin continued to grow. In the year 2013, when he founded Bitcoin Suisse AG, and that is when he became one of the leading asset managers and financial providers in the market. The net resources of the firm Bitcoin Suisse are around 55 million Swiss Francs and today per month, he invests around 16,000 USD on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The upcoming 12 months of 2020 will see two big changes in the largest supporting network of two cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum. The impact of both these events will make the major movements in the market. The halving event of the bitcoin block of the year 2020 will decrease the issuance rate of new bitcoin from 12.5 to 6.25 bitcoin per block.

The reduction of the block reward is seen by many bullish signals with good reason since the previous halving was followed by a strong price rally of around 9000% and 3000% in the year 2012 and 2016 that is every four years gap.

With the low issuance rate, the mining cost is going to rise which is nearly double to the exact which is largely due to the block rewards for 98% of the income of miner with the fees of transaction. The issuance of new bitcoin will drop from 3.7% to around 1.8%.

Also ethereum going to take the big turn in its history with the transition of Ethereum 1 from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.

To date, the saying of Niklas Nikolajsen – founder of Bitcoin Suisse proved to be correct. This is the biography of Niklas Nikolajsen in the field of cryptocurrency.

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