A Crypto Startup CeBioLabs Invents Enterprise Solutions Based On Blockchain

CeBioLabs is a project which will continue for long periods. Its motive is to revolutionize global health with value chains. Currently, it says about the launch of its ICO until September 2022. German financial authorities announced ICO, the token sale, after the token’s successful review. Three German companies launched the project, which provides supply management services and health value chains. These companies are in the health field and wellness products, Crypto- and Blockchain technology, respectively.

In this case, you need to know that the concept of the project’s development requires over a year. A famous German financial and capital law firm accompanies CeBioLabs from the beginning. The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority has proven the complete project and the token.

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In addition, the company’s CBSL Token plays a major role as the link between all the products. Companies can get CBSL to pay the usage fees for B2B solutions and services. They plan multiple global paid services and products for companies because of which the CBSL Token offers benefits of the network. The company is willing to allow payment of usage fees for hard solutions and systems. Besides, its private holders can get advantages from free products and exciting offers. The company’s usage fees for any CBSL that the company pays might be locked in for at least three years.

The company might use 10% of all profits from CeBiol GmbH for Token-Burns and CBSL Buybacks. It indicates that this company might boost the token value via scarcity and become more integral to the construct. CeBioLabs SCM is a supply chain management tool for Health and Wellness products. This tool based on Blockchain can finish the value chain for all products transparent and traceable for all parties.

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The CeBioLabs SCM can offer a comprehensive user interface in a dashboard form for the user groups. This database technology can offer chosen information within the management solution. In this case, documents and data might be available in a digital register.

COA Portal

It is a platform based on blockchain for certificates of analysis of Health and Wellness products. Suppliers can submit the analysis of the products to these through the labs. In addition, these assign a digital identity to the Certificates of Analysis and mark them. In addition, Certificates of Analysis are understandable and traceable in a transparent transaction for everyone.

These can make multiple internationally focused e-commerce projects for other Health and Wellness products. In addition, the e-commerce projects contain web shops and comparison portals for multiple products.

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The Marketplace from CBSL will be a decentralized trading platform that enables market players to provide and trade raw materials, products, or services linked with Health and Wellness. B2B trading is the main focus, but it will also expand its Marketplace for B2C functions. In addition, it is essential to know that no country-specific restrictions will exist. The Marketplace will integrate different payment methods like the CBSL Token.