Golden State of California Becomes The Most Curious State About Bitcoin And Ethereum

According to recent findings from CoinGecko, the Golden State of California is the state in the United States that is the most curious about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

CoinGecko research suggests that internet users in the Golden State of California were responsible for a staggering 43 percent of all Bitcoin and Ethereum online traffic searches conducted on the cryptocurrency monitoring website. Even though the state’s total population only accounts for 11.9% of the people of the United States, this is the case.

Given its status as a “big technical center,” Bobby Ong, COO, and co-founder of CoinGecko, found it “unsurprising” that California came out on top in terms of blue-chip cryptocurrency interest. He said it was “unsurprising” that California grabbed the title.

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In addition, California is home to Silicon Valley, which is widely considered one of the world’s most important technological and innovative centers.

Google, Apple, Meta, and PayPal are a few examples of some of the top Silicon Valley firms that have invested in blockchain-based products and cryptocurrency ventures.

A single point of transaction Even though it does not have a headquarters anymore, Coinbase was one of the first significant cryptocurrency startups to have its office located in the state of California. The Graph, Helium, and dYdX are just a few recent Web3 initiatives that have established a foothold in the Golden State.

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California is home to many illustrious educational institutions, including Stanford University, the California Institute of Technology, and the University of California, Berkeley, all of which are distinguished for their engineering and technology programs.

According to CoinGecko, additional states that show a significant interest in bitcoin and Ethereum include New York, Illinois, Washington, and Florida. These states are followed by Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona.

Golden State of California Becomes The Most Curious State About Bitcoin And Ethereum chart

Most searches on the website seemed to be oriented towards Bitcoin throughout the top 20 states; however, the statistics indicated that four states had much more searches for Ethereum than its rival.

Ong explains, “What is particularly interesting is that Colorado, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Florida have shown more interest in Ethereum than Bitcoin.”

“Considering that Ethereum’s Merge is just around the horizon, it will be interesting to watch how these ranks and market shares shake out in the next months,”

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The data was gathered from May 2, 2022, through August 21, 2022, and it solely gathered information on online traffic from the United States. The report was organized according to a scale ranging from 0 to 100, with 100 being the state with the most significant amount of online traffic compared to the other states.

The results come from a recent poll conducted by, which found that more than 64 percent of adults residing in the United States who have completed college and have a sufficient grasp of blockchain technology want crypto to be taught in schools.

According to crypto data aggregator Coincub, the United States is tied for first place with Germany regarding crypto-friendly laws and legislation. The United States beat Singapore, Australia, and Switzerland to take the top position and share the top spot with Germany.