Tax Free Bitcoin Countries – No Tax on Cryptocurrency

Payment of taxes on Bitcoin is the major concern for all those peoples who have owned cryptocurrency or any digital based asset. There are many countries where the government is putting a heavy burden on every bitcoin holder to pay taxes from their bitcoin or cryptocurrency investment. While some other countries where the government aims to promote the crypto industry, allows the crypto investors to make their bitcoin investment with 0% tax paid. Here in this article, you will come to know the name of various countries with crypto-friendly tax jurisdictions

Tax Free Bitcoin Countries


One of the most crypto-friendly countries. The jurisdictions and laws for cryptocurrency in this country are very friendly. The payment of tax on bitcoin investments has been acquitted since the year 2018. Here, the cryptocurrency investment is not considered to be the investment income where 28% of the revenue is liable for the tax. But the businesses or trading places, where cryptos are acceptable or accept any digital asset, then the payment for goods and services are liable to pay tax.


Belarus is the 3rd ranked in eastern Europe and 19th globally for crypto trading. This country is trying to make an experimental approach for cryptocurrencies. During mid-March of 2018, the government here has exempted all tax payments liable on digital assets and cryptocurrencies in eastern European states till the year 2023. The law made by the government states that mining and investment of cryptos are subject to personal investment and hence exempted from tax liability. These laws are made just to boost the growth and use of cryptos and other digital assets amongst the citizens of Belarus.


For owning cryptocurrency or any other digital assets, the rule in Germany is unique and different from other countries. In Germany, if the crypto is held with the person for more than a year, then he is not liable to pay tax on it regardless of the amount invested. But if the crypto is held for less than a year, the tax is not liable until the amount exceeds 600 euros. But for starting any business, the laws are different, the crypto holder needs to pay the corporate tax on its crypto investments.

Hong Kong 

As the new guidance and laws for cryptocurrencies have come over Hong Kong, but the laws and regulations for bitcoin are still a broad brush affair. The tax liability on cryptocurrencies is not dependent upon its use, said the global crypto leader of China. If the cryptos or any other digital assets are brought or held for a long term for more than 5 years, then the profit gains on it are not liable to pay for taxes. But this law is only valid for individuals and investors not for corporations and businesses. Their cryptos profits are liable for some percentage of taxes. 


In Malaysia, digital currencies or crypto are not considered to be the asset or legal tender by the government, that’s why here the transactions from cryptos are tax-free and don’t qualify for capital gains taxes. This law is there for only individual investors of cryptos and not businesses or companies. Businesses holding bitcoins are subject to paying income taxes.  

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