How To SETUP Binance Smart Chain IN METAMASK?

As the world becomes more and more digital, almost everything can be done digitally. Either we talk about banking or business. 

As you may hear the word MetaMask – this was made out for more security and usability in Ethereum-based web sites. 

What is Binance?

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange. It provides a platform for trading. You may have heard that in January 2018 Binance was declared as one of the largest crypto exchanges in the phases of the trading volume.

What can it do? 

It deals with account association and binding the user to the blockchain. The platforms that support it are Chrome, Brave, and Safari browsers.

Without wasting time let’s get started!

Firstly Install Metamask in Brave browser

  • Open the extension category in brave and make sure that this was offered by Because there are several fake websites, so be alert.

  • Then after tapping the add to Brave. That’s it, you have installed the MetaMask extension in Brave!

Now SETUP  Binance Smart Chain IN METAMASK

  • For making an account in MetaMask tap on the create a wallet button and then after creating an easy but unique password of a minimum 8 characters, select the create button.

  • Now write down your backup phrase.


  • Never disclose the backup phrase. If you disclose it then forget about your Ether. Anyone can take your Ether for forever.
  • The final step for creating a MetaMask account – select each phrase for confirmation in order. 

Now, Connect Your MetakMask With Binance Smart Chain

  • Firstly go to settings and add a new network.

  • Meanwhile, you can only claim once every minute. 
  • Assert some testnet token in your record then press on your address to copy and go to the faucet page: then paste your address in the box and click on “Give me BNB”

  • After the transfer, you can see that your account balance has changed.

Now transfer BNB to another Binance smart chain!

  • Firstly, log in into your MetaMask then tap on the send button.

  • Go to Advanced Choices to switch default gas price when essential and Confirm your transaction then click on the Next button.

  • Then to confirm the transaction click on the confirm tap.

  • Wait for your transaction to be included within the new block and  Once your transaction is finished, check it on block explorer by clicking on Details.

  • Click on your account to see more details and Assess your trade in the Explorer.

Adding BEP20 Tokens

  • Deploy an ERC20 contract at You can create a new file or import a sample contract: 

  • For remixing Bind your Binance Smart Chain

  • Select the “ABCToken” contract and compile and Deploy your compiled contract.

  • Adjust the Gas Fee for your contract, then confirm your deployment contract.
  • After this, you can see that there is a change in contract transactions in the block explorer.

In metamask click on “Add Tokens” after that you can see a change in your balance.

To create multiple accounts, click on the Profile icon on Metamask. Then click on Create Account and add an account name and click on Create. That’s it now you can see a replacement account is created! 

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