Earn Free Cryptocurrency with Airdrop Tokens

In Past we have shared with you how you can earn cryptocurrency without investment. Today we will explain how you can earn cryptocurrency from Airdrops.

Airdrop is Free Gift or Reward given by platform, Platform do this in order to thank all users who are using their platform from long time.

 Crypto airdrop can also be referred to as the giveaway to promote the blockchain or bitcoin industry. Sometimes, some platforms also award additional rewards to their loyal customers to ensure that they keep using or subscribing to their platform. For doing this practice, the main reason behind this is to promote the use of digital assets across the world.

From the last few years, the airdrop to cryptos have kept rising and has seen a surge growth of up to $1000 in a few crypto platforms Projects Like Uniswap and 1inch have already done airdrop of above 1000$. 

 Earn Crypto with Airdrop Tokens

Meta mask 

You can easily swap here your bitcoins. It was launched in 2016 and used by various big and small investors of bitcoins across the world. It’s the most loved and recommended application to trade, sell, purchase, and smoothly run your crypto transactions.


In this platform, you can see your total digital asset value through the option dashboard. You can also view the liquidity of your wallet. You can easily deposit, invest, check, or withdraw your digital assets with just one click. The token coming for this platform is much higher than any other platform.


It is a decentralized aggregator platform just like a 1-inch platform. Here you can see various pricing for cryptos and can choose the best price for your crypto investment. It is also recommended by various big bitcoin investors. It’s very easy to use and works much more efficiently than a uni swap platform.


It’s a decentralized crypto platform. The average per day volume for the dy dx platform is about $1 million to $5 million. Through the DY DX platform, you can trade, sell, purchase, and invest in cryptos. But the chances of the token are very low on this platform.


Through the dharma app, you can easily swap all the tokens of cryptocurrencies with 0 gas fees. This app is very easy to use for swapping of tokens and also for depositing cryptos. Checking for balance is also very easy with the M coin. But the minimum amount for doing swapping of crypto for this platform is $20. 

To become eligible for airdrop you need to do small transaction in any of above platform.Above platform will do airdrop when then will launch tokens and they will do airdrop to all old users. So if you join now and do small transaction then you will be eligible for airdrop.


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